Book Review `Making Modern Mothers' (2012)

Dilemma's as Solutions in Feminist Mental Health Care, 1999
from A. Kolk, M. Bekker, K. van Vliet (eds) Advances in Women and Health Research. Toward gender-sensitive strategies. Tilburg: Tilburg University Press. (pp. 139-164) 

Equality is not good enough for Feminist Health Care, 1997

Abstracts and Summaries 

Gender-sensitive Epidemiological Research, 2004.

The Private Struggle of Mothers with Asthma, 2004

Being a Mother and Living with Asthma: An Exploratory Analysis of Discourse, 2001

Feminist Health Care Research 2001 - summary of Dutch article

Conclusion of "Beyond Innocence": Feminist Mental Health Care and the Postmodern Perspective , 1998

Reinventing the Mother-Daughter Relationship, 1995

Daughtering and Mothering, 1993. Introduction


Texts on Women's Health Care until 2013